Microsoft 365 Rollout

Auftraggeber | ClientÖBB – Personenverkehr AGLeistungen | ServicesProject Management Senior Zeitraum | Period2019-2021

Results | Microsoft 365 migration for all employees

Focus | Collaborative work on a cross-organizational platform

The project required enabling collaboration within the ÖBB subgroup for passenger transport, as well as across the entire company, beyond subgroup boundaries. With the introduction of Microsoft 365 programs, cooperation forms should be optimized, and communication should be established and facilitated. The human component played a central role in this project because the adoption and acceptance of the new communication tools by the employees were key factors for its success. To appropriately accompany this change for the target group, a key user community was established in advance.

This team consisted of employees from each department who were trained and prepared through previous training, special teaching materials, and Q&A sessions. Legacy technical issues stemming from an IT landscape that had accumulated over the years were resolved, and over 3,000 employees were successfully transitioned from different departments and areas of expertise within the company. This occurred partly through voluntary migration with the assistance of floorwalkers, and partly through automated processes managed by the project team.

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