Hosting Migration

Auftraggeber | ClientUntisLeistungen | ServicesInterim Project Manager Zeitraum | Period2021 - 2023

Results | Hosting migration of a WebUntis self-hoster to the Untis server landscape

Focus | Creation of schedules and resource planning for possible migration scenarios

Because of a technically necessary conversion, a WebUntis self-hoster had to be transferred to the Untis server environment.

In the first step, the project included the inventory and analysis of the existing technical structures and environment of the customer. Furthermore, organizational, and technical requirements were developed.

In the next step, software solutions were designed to create the conditions for a successful migration. Schedules and resource planning for possible migration scenarios were created, accompanied by a pilot concept and the use of so-called “friendly users”. The project team took over the coordination and control and ensured communication across national borders.

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