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Project Management

Project management includes the planning, implementation, management, control, and communication of complex proposals. Project management is essential because it brings leadership, transparency, and control to projects.

Every company and every project is unique and requires tailor-made solutions and vision in line with the underlying values. As competent companions in constant change, we support you in enabling sustainable changes and always keep an eye on the human component.

Excellent project management asks questions before there are answers. Takes the time to take a close look at the environment, the organization and employees, their corporate culture, wishes, goals, and challenges. It strives to get everyone involved on board in the long run. And is the connecting element between IT, organization, and people, regardless of whether the approach is classic, agile, or hybrid.

As an external service provider, we offer an unencumbered, always neutral view of things in a team approach and find the best possible solutions for the respective initial situation. Whether it’s about analyzing, communicating, planning, coordinating, implementing, and reporting – many years of expertise and innovation form the foundation of our work. We act and react clearly, competently, and effectively. Our goal is to provide lasting, long-term solutions that can be independently implemented and sustained after the project concludes, without requiring our intervention.

Are you ready to get the best chance of success for your project? Together we will find the right way!

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a comprehensive term for IT-supported access to the use of IT to access, analyze, and present information. The key information is extracted from vast amounts of data to facilitate precise management decisions.

In today's dynamic business environment, it is more important than ever to maintain an overview, make quick and efficient decisions, and respond promptly to changes. Digitization and transparency have become common terms in everyday language, but what do they actually mean and how do they impact a company's daily operations?

And how can they be integrated into the existing organization along the path to more corporatesuccess?

Extensive knowledge of current company data and facts forms the foundation for making sound decisions. As a bridge between business administration and IT, we provide comprehensive insights into your organization through our expertise in controlling and business intelligence.

With the utmost discretion and in close cooperation, we work together to gain a clear understanding of the data acquisition processes and the specific requirements of your organization. In close coordination with our customers, we develop applications that effectively integrate, connect, and analyze rapidly expanding databases.

The focus is on achieving sustainable results through low-code programming in order to effectively meet the specific circumstances and needs of your company. In this way, visually appealing company information that supports decision-making can be provided with just one click, meeting the required quality standards. Automated reports are always kept up-to-date. Entrepreneurial thinking, combined with extensive specialist knowledge in IT and controlling, forms our foundation.

The aim is to make your day-to-day business easier, optimize workflows, and jointly explore new avenues for data analysis and interaction. This will be achieved through the development of customized interactive dashboards and business apps.

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